Testimonials 1

Counseling with Mrs. Parker has been eye-opening and encouraging. It has helped me overcome some challenges in my life.

Christian Marcil
Partner & Managing Director, Grandier Co.

This counseling has helped me tremendously to overcome various barriers in my life. In this season I can definitely see things clearer and I can now conquer any obstacles that comes in my life. I would highly recommend her for counseling.

Bianca Hammound
Managing Director, Ericksson

Mrs. Parker is an excellent counselor, she is patient, passionate and understanding and has helped me through my grieving process of losing my husband.

Alexa Buschemi
Global Leader and Client Team Chair, Broad Burk

Love Conquers has been a huge blessing to my husband and I. We now have healthy tools and resources to continue to work on our marriage in a more productive way. I finally believe that Love Never Fails! Keeping God as the center of our marriage,

Mya Lesser
President & Chief Executive Officer, Diamond Duck

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